To Shop or Not to Shop

That is the question. But no, really. It’s actually a question worth answering.

Don’t shop just to shop (when you’re bored).

But don’t wait until this happens to shop:

While taking an environmental science class last year, I was inspired to stop shopping for a year in order to become more environmental. I lasted only seven months because I had to buy clothes that fit after losing nine pounds. (The weight wasn’t deliberately dropped.)

But on a regular basis, how do we know when it’s time to shop?

Isn’t shopping all about fun…?

The problem with shopping for fun is that it leads to waste and leaves you with 10 dresses you don’t need and a lack of shirts or underwear. I myself recently bought a few dresses at low prices ($10-30 each), but passed up one particular dress that ran up around $70. But that one expensive-ish dress suited my body better than the other ones and was more unique than the typical dress every other girl owns.

Sometimes, it seems impossible to be objective about your own clothes. So, act as if you’re critiquing a friend instead.

I can’t return stuff I already wore, but I’m planning on sending back a few dresses that I haven’t worn yet. In the end, that saves me almost $50. For those of you that may buy designer brands, that could be $500-5,000! That’s the beauty of stores that allow returns. I never shop at any stores that don’t allow returns. The only exception is when I’m traveling abroad.

Here are a few final general tips:

1. Buy during the off-season for major discounts only when you don’t actually need clothes.

2. Don’t buy clothes when your weight is fluctuating too much, or when you’re sick.

3.  Wait until you need a few items to shop.

4. Shop with friends if you tend to buy too much by yourself.

5. DON’T buy with friends (too often) if they pressure you to buy more. This varies depending on the individual. Sometimes, shopping with people who have more money puts pressure on you to buy more. Or maybe you’re so distracted you end up buying random stuff. Avoid buying stuff just because your friends like it (and you don’t like it).

6. Know when the return deadline is. I recommend going to Macy’s– You’re almost guaranteed to never be late!

7. Don’t be afraid to make returns– it’s not a crime!

MoonDream Threadless T-shirt Contest

Recently, a good friend of mine introduced me to For those of you who know, the merchandise is created by people like you and me for the everyday consumer. It provides budding artists with a chance to publish their work without any risk or expense on their part. In fact, the prize includes cash and other rewards that are worth the time and effort, for those who need more motivation. I’ve been wanting to submit a design ever since I found out about it, but I kept making excuses for myself. Isn’t that always the case? At any rate, I finally succeeded in entering a photography t-shirt contest last night (right before the deadline too >_<)! Please leave comments and critique, and take a quick second to VOTE. Thank you. 🙂

I hope those of you hesitant like me give yourself the opportunity to indulge in your love of art. You deserve it!

Time for Tumblr?

Ever wonder if some event is just pure coincidence— or maybe a sign in disguise?

I typed in "coincidence" into google, and found this on the first page; it's the closest to the image that came to my mind.

Today, two friends of mine suggested I create a tumblr to promote my artwork with KamiJewels. Would it make sense to have not one, but two blogs? Not only that, but I’ve been assured that tumblr is confusing and definitely not user-friendly.

Do any of you have tumblrs? What do you think?

Midnight Photo Shoot

Hello everyone!

And sorry about my long-ish hiatus.

So much has been going on, especially in the world of KamiJewels.


Sweetheart earrings, Valentine's Day collection. model: Helena. Head on over to deviantArt (beadsofcompassion) for more sneak peak preview of the series!

My friend Jaimes and I are working on a collaborative project to advertise and sell our pieces, photography and artisan crafts, respectively. I’ll post copies of the fliers we make in the next two weeks or so.

On a personal level, I am aiming to begin selling my pieces in a brick-and-mortar store. Yay! I’ll be going in after things become less busy in my life– wish me luck!

If you haven’t already, head on over to facebook and “like” KamiJewels. Thank you all!

And as always, constructive criticism is appreciated.

Business tips

People always ask me if I use etsy.

I’ve considered it before, but it’s not cost-efficient for me. Maybe one day in the future, but not now.

However, there was a time when etsy was not widely known. I first heard about it perhaps 3-4 years ago, and now it’s incredibly popular.

I’m hoping the same for eCrater.

However, I’m wondering if anyone can help me with some issues. Does anyone out there have an eCrater? The site has been undergoing updates and changes… which would be great if I could figure them out. What are Google attributes? I’m being asked to include ‘color’ attribute for 40-some products, and I have no idea what this means.

(my site:

For those of you considering starting your own business or are already doing so, these are some of the complications you might face in the online world. Even if you’re amazing skilled in computers, there are miniscule business and creative matters that always have to be handled.

My hope is that we all cope with grace, patience, and love.

Wishing everyone a lovely day!